About Us

We at Aquabase® are a customer-oriented company based in Zurich.
Our goal is to give people back the feeling of security with their drinking water with our water filter. On the water filter market, you have so far searched in vain for a modern device that meets all of our requirements.

Clean drinking water is becoming more and more important these days. Due to increasing industrialization and pollution of the environment, these are not only issues for developing and emerging countries. Fresh water quality has been deteriorating in most regions for over 30 years, according to a UN environment report.

Many promise a solution to this problem, we have made it our mission to deliver it.

Our device should protect your water from the possible dangers of increasing environmental pollution and at the same time bring it back to the originality of a natural river.

We combine protection for your water with naturalness - filtration and refinement

Aquabase® works to protect our oceans and reforest forests.