AQUABASE filters

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A noble eye-catcher - no matter where!

Aquabase is a high-tech tabletop osmosis system in a chic design. Whether in the kitchen, in the office, in the living room, in the bedroom or even in the mobile home when travelling. No matter where you are. Just fill in water. Plug in, select the desired temperature and enjoy. In the mobile home you also save on the kettle.

touch display

Aquabase is equipped with an HD touch screen. This can be used to operate the entire system. The touchscreen reminds you to change the filter in good time, displays the water quality in ppm and the water temperature.
The touchscreen also controls water withdrawal and indicates when the fresh water tank is empty and the waste water tank needs to be emptied. The system can also be switched on and off.

Quick Change Technology

The Quick Change technology has been revised again at Aquabase. When changing the filter, all you have to do is switch off the system, unscrew the old filter and screw the new filter back in. Complete. Without any tools. The old filter can be recycled and used again. This means that the system is not only sustainable in terms of avoiding unnecessary waste from plastic bottles and avoiding long transport routes, but the filters themselves can also be recycled. A filter change only takes about a minute. Thanks to the integrated water paths and non-return valves, both the membrane and the pre-filter can be changed without touching the water.
After changing the filter, the reminder function can be easily reset via the touch display.
And should you ever be unsure how to change the filter, we have printed the instructions for changing the filter directly on top of the unit. So you always have them ready when you need them.
The pre- and post-filter must be changed about every 12 months.

Separate tank for tap water and waste water

Many table-top osmosis systems advertise that they have extremely low water consumption, since the waste water is fed back into the fresh water and is filtered again. Unfortunately, this technology is only suitable to a limited extent due to the high lime content in Germany. If the wastewater ratio is too low, the membrane and the system will quickly become calcified and thus become defective. For this reason we at Aquabase have separated both tanks. This ensures a long service life for the system and the membrane.
A waste water ratio of 1L pure water to 1L waste water is very good compared to other systems.

Integrated instantaneous water heater

Aquabase has an integrated instantaneous water heater that boils the water within 3 seconds.
You can choose from 6 different temperature levels directly on the touch display:
  • Room temperature: ~15-22°C
  • 45°C for baby food
  • 55°C for milk with honey
  • 80°C for directly drinkable tea (child safety)
  • 90°C and 100°C for coffee, tea or for cooking (also with childproof lock)
This makes Aquabase also perfect for mobile homes. On the one hand you save yourself the kettle and on the other hand you can drink the tap water everywhere. If the mobile home is not on the move, you simply take the system into the house and can enjoy filtered water there.

Technical specifications

Aquabase is compact, practical and really looks good on any kitchen worktop. It measures only 20 cm in width, 39 cm in height and is therefore comparable to smaller than most fully automatic coffee machines. The system is only 45 cm deep and will therefore definitely fit into any kitchen. The tank is simply pulled out upwards, so that no space needs to be left around the osmosis system. The waste water ratio of 1L pure water to 1L waste water is above average in the industry comparison. With the decision for Aquabase you get an elegant and practical osmosis system with easy operation and a sophisticated tank system, without any water connection. There is no need for time-consuming maintenance work with this system, nor for conversions to be made in your kitchen. Aquabase monitors the entire osmosis process independently and automatically and uses the display to inform you about measures and steps. For safety reasons, the osmosis system is equipped with an automatic switch-off to immediately detect leaks and prevent overflow. Aquabase is suitable for everyone, as no prior technical knowledge is required to operate the system. With this model, reverse osmosis can finally easily reach every household and is not only known among technicians and aquarists.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service. We will be happy to help you choose the right osmosis system.